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Here...FINALLY...for your foodie pleasure, is the Bariatric Foodie recipe index! This is MOST of the recipes that appear on Bariatric Foodie. There are a few recipes that readers have submitted that are not yet on here. Check back for new entries (which will be marked with..."new entry!" on them). If YOU have a recipe you'd like to see posted on Bariatric Foodie, send it, any cooking and instructions and a pic to my email. I love to share what you're doing in the kitchen!
If there's a recipe you don't see here and want, hit me up!

Because I already have a pretty comprehensive list going, I didn't include protein shakes. Want some recipes, check out my protein shake recipe list!

Be sure to also check out the cooking videos section to see some of your favorite recipes in action!

Main Dish
Side Dishes

Sandwich Swaps


Snack Food


Protein Desserts

If you have a recipe request for Bariatric Foodie, please email me! I'm happy to try out any recipe.

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