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Submit Your Bariatric Foodie Pledge - Week THREE!

*****Pledging for Week Three is now CLOSED! Good luck to all this week's pledgers. Remember, you must check in your pledge at the end of the week to be eligible for the prize. Check-ins open on Saturday, February 22 at NOON EST*****

Can you believe the Pledge is halfway done? Have you all been rocking out your goals? Have you been learning things about yourselves? If so, good!

This week is a very important week because this week I will be putting out the Pledge Halftime Report. I will do that on Wednesday. The Pledge Halftime Report is a list of all the people who are eligible for the grand prize so far. It's very important that you look at this list if you think you should be eligible. Remember, to be eligible for the grand prize you must have pledged (and appear on the pledge list) and checked in (and appear on the check in list) for all four weeks of the pledge. Since this is week two, you are eligible so far if you pledged/checked-in and show up on all lists for weeks one and two.

If you aren't on the grand prize list and feel you should be you need to email me at Do not leave a comment on this blog post. Do not message me on Facebook. Both of those methods WILL escape my attention. E-mail me!

Now...onto week three. I'm excited! This week we will be pledging for a product I've come to like a LOT over the last few months. We will be pledging for:

Bi-Pro USA Whey Protein! Long-time readers might remember that my former favorite unflavored whey protein was discontinued last year and I scrambled to find a new one. While at Obesity Action Coalition Convention I got to sample Bi-Pro's unflavored and I absolutely LOVED it! A full review will follow (with nutrition info, etc.) later in the week but the important thing to remember for now is that THREE Lucky Pledgers will receive a 2-lb. jar of Bi-Prop whey this week!


Anonymous said...

Somehow I am on there 3 times. You can delete 2 of them. Sandra F, princess Bride.

kaila ciekurzis said...

I am sorry mine added twice(stupid phone). You can delete one. Kaila C.

Bariatric Foodie said...

No worries! (To anyone who posted about pledging more than once). I have ways of filtering out duplicates. In the end I'd rather you be on the list twice (or three times) than not at all!

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